Hello, everybody,

So, this weekend I went to the mountains to find some snow. I did not exactly find the snow I was looking for, but I found some lovely frozen landscapes. You can check the amazing pics on my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/miss_green85/ 

As for the outfit: did I mention it was freaking cold? well, although you cannot see here, I have 2 other blouses underneath the main one :))

I am all puffed up as you can see 🙂 – yet, I am still cold :))

The location here is in the heart of the mountains – a little village called Pestera, which I highly recommend. Is is very close to another lovely village, Magura, the one where we actually stayed in.

In order to reach both these villages you need a good car, since the road is not paved. But once you reach the top, it is worth it.


Slouchy jeans: Zara / Top: H&M / Jacket: Cropp / Sneakers: Nike

Long live the green!