Hello, everybody,

Looong long time and no see 🙂

Actually I haven’t posted since October last year. Why? well, because life happened 😀

As it turns out, having a kid is not exactly a walk in the park and the village that was supposed to help a mother out was nowhere to be found 😀

As a result, taking pics for the blog was almost impossible to do. But maybe I can restart the process, since it was one of the few things I was very passionate about and I was sad to see it fade away.

Anyhow, enough with the pity party and let’s enjoy this beautiful wedding outfit, which is even more prettier when photographed in the sunset light.

About the outfit: a lovely tutu skirt, the colour of which is absolutely beautiful, paired with another lovely shade of dusty pink. Nothing can go wrong with these 2 colours when combined together. I also had a vibrant blue clutch, but it did not make it to the pics 🙂

The skirt itself is very versatile and the colour of the top can vary. I actually tried like 5 tops before choosing this one, but all of them were a perfect match. This means I can actually go to 5 weddings with the same skirt, but different tops and shoes 😛

Well, I don’t wanna go to 5 weddings, because taking a small kid to a wedding is in itself a suicide mission 😀 , but we are glad we survived 😛

Fun fact about the process of taking these pics: the weather was unbearably hot, humidity was out of this world, mosquitoes were biting everywhere both me and my husband and he was taking pics with the kid in one hand and the camera in the other 😀 – it was quite an ordeal 😀😀

Enjoy the lovely pics!

Skirt: Dalis shop / Top, shoes: random store