Hello, everybody!

I am back to the bangs as you can see 🙂
Along with them came the geeky look from today.
And like any other geek out there I got my pair of glasses,
my bag, my pencil box and my pens & pencils 🙂
As for the wabbit – he is my sidekick 🙂 – he is even geekier than me.
Don’t forget to check my jeans – they are mom jeans of course, but if you ask me
I think they are grandpa jeans and I just love them.


Et voila the wabbit 🙂
Isn’t he adorable?

And my pencil box 🙂

Branded of course

Don’t mess with the geek – I got the power of the pen 🙂

Jeans: Pull& Bear / Sweater: Koton / Bag: thrifted / Coat: Miniprix / Sneakers: Converse

Long live the green!