Hello, everybody,

I have yet another post with some traditional vibes and the pics are taken up high, in one lovely place (Amfiteatrul Transilvania) – too bad that getting up there is quite a challenge.

But once you are there, the view is amazing and the backpain from the bumpy road fades away quickly 🙂

This is my second time here and I will definitely come back and hopefully I will stay over the night. I can imagine that a sunset and a sunrise here are something that you need to see at least once in a lifetime.

Although you cannot see, I was freezing in the pics below 🙂 – no matter the season, I think you need to come prepared for chillier weather.

Let’s talk outfit – considering Easter and all, I felt the traditional romanian pride bursting out of my chest 🙂 , so I had to choose something a little close to home. I have this lovely handmade t-shirt by Croshette and I thought it was perfect for the occasion. I just paired it with one of my classic jeans skirts and a leather jacket.

Another lovely item of the outfit is the bag of course – you may find more like it here.


Skirt: H&M / Bag: Atelierul de panza / Sneakers: Nike / T-shirt: Croshette / Jacket: Fishbone

Long live the green!