Hello, everybody,

I am not sure yet, but this might be the last outfit of this pregnancy πŸ™‚

Pics below are taken in week 37 andΒ  by the end of week 38 (which is next week πŸ˜€ ) I am set to have my C-section. Maybe I can take pics with one more outfit at the beginning of week 38, but we’ll see πŸ™‚

In case you were wondering why week 38, well it has to do with a liver condition I developed during the pregnancy and it is important from a medical perspective to have a C-section by the end of week 38.

Anyhow, for this look I decided for the first time to try on a maternity dress. What is different from the other stretch dresses I have? well, it has some gathered material near the belly area, which can add extra stretch for the bump. Other than that, there is nothing special about it.

I decided to buy this dress because it was cheap and I really wanted to wear at least one maternity dress before the bump is gone.

Like I said, I was not impressed, but it is not bad either. I am not sure though if it can be worn afterwards, but I think it might be wearable without the bump as well.

Pics were taken after a short summer rain and the sun was setting, which created a lovely light behind me, as you can see. The light itself is more impressive than the dress πŸ˜›


Dress: Sinsay / Long shirt: LC Waikiki / Sneakers: New Balance / Bag: Marc Jacobs

Long live the green!