The first day of spring has brought a little bit of snow, but then the sun came up and everybody was happy.
Today I received a lot of spring omens  from my colleagues and I came home with a big smile on my face.
And I decided that my post from today will be about some lovely details which may change a dull look and make it a happy one.
The first thing we need is a white shirt of course 🙂
And then we can start working on it 🙂
Let’s see:
The lovely lace flowers 
The lovely wanna eat it brooch handmade by Bogdana Ceraceanu
Or maybe the lovely felt & glass necklace handmade by Bogdana also
We also have a handmade necklace by the lovely girls from Buyhand
Then we change the shirt with one which has a victorian vibe:
But it is not complete without this lovely vintage item:
or this one:
or this one 🙂
So there you have it 🙂
Details are everything. They’re the salt and pepper of your outfit. 
Buy more lovely handmade colourful accessories to make your outfits happy.