Hello, everybody,

I hope all of you had a pleasant and peaceful Easter and you managed to charge your batteries in this small break.

I am just very happy that the weather was amazing and I had a chance to take some lovely pics on my way to my grandma’s house.

Pics are taken in week 29 (already 7 months and one week)  – time really flies 🙂 and I feel so unprepared for the big event 😀 , because in my mind I think I still have time. In all honesty, I think nobody is really prepared for this big change 😛

Anyhow, letting my panic attacks aside 😀 , let’s get back to the outfit below. Happy to report that once again the items are not pregnancy designed. Both dress and shirt are regular clothes. I admit I was surprised that the shirt still fits me, considering it’s size 36, but it must be because of its design, which is not fitted on the body.

The dress was bought recently (one size up, meaning size M) and because of its material it is perfect and I am sure I will wear it after pregnancy as well.

As for the trench – nothing special about it, just a regular spring trench, which happens to have an amazing colour.

One thing that I want to mention for future pregnant ladies – do not wear large clothes, because there is no reason to do that. Look for stretchy ones instead – you will look so much better in them than in extra large clothes.


Shirt, Dress: H&M / Trench: Stradivarius / Bag: DKNY / Sneakers: Adidas

Long live the green!