Well, this post is one of my favourites so far.
Let me tell you why: first of all I managed to find a lace top I really like.
I’ve been looking for a while and I didn’t like anything.
But this one finally has everything I need: quality fabric and a very nice romantic cut. 
I like lace because it’s very feminine and of course sexy 🙂
And the other thing great about this post is that the skirt is made by me (with a little help 🙂
yeeey happy me 🙂
I hope you like it, because I love it.
This is my third skirt so far – I’ll show you the other two in my next posts.
Till then enjoy the photos 🙂
And because today is a happy day (children’s day) don’t ever forget to play 🙂
I know for sure that I’ll always be “young at heart” 🙂

I’m wearing:
Skirt – made by me 🙂
Top – Atmosphere
Bag – Tonka Jeans
Sweater – random store
Shoes – random store from Bacau
Little bow – made by me 🙂
Long live the green!