Hello, everybody,

I am glad to share today a few pics taken in a lovely city, namely Cluj.

I love this city very much, cause it has a certain vibe I cannot explain – it is just chic & cool 🙂

I am only sorry it is so far from Bucharest, but I will visit it whenever I have the time. This time around it was a bit gloomy, because of the low clouds, but somehow my outfit fit well. I call this my own version of goth / rock / you name it :))

A tutu skirt goes well for weddings, parties, etc — if you do not have one, you need one, trust me 🙂 – you can pair it with high heels and boots as well.

You can add a leather jacket or a jeans one, a top of your choice and you are good to go.


Skirt: Reserved / Jacket: Fishbone / Boots: Benaza.ro / Bag: Marc Jacobs / Top: random store

Long live the green!