Hello, everybody,

Don’t know about you, but this week I am off and after considering many locations, I decided to visit and stay in the one you see below.

Casa Pelinica used to be a small museum and now you can actually stay in it as a guest. You can find them on Airbnb and the host is very very nice and will give you a tour of the house and tell you the whole history behind.

If you want to see the pictures I took inside the house and also the surroundings, please visit my Instagram page here.

I am sure you will like what you will see. The house , the mountains behind and everything around is just amazing. And the food they prepare for you is traditional and delicious.

They have big lovely dogs that run free and at night they protect the house from the bear 🙂 . I am a dog lover, so this was a bonus for me – to hug and play with dogs. And there were also 6 puppies around – I was really lucky 🙂

One watch out – if you are really tall, you might not fit in the bed  – no kidding 🙂 – if you are taller than 1.80, you will have to sleep curled up.

As for the outfit – I took my traditional scarf for this special visit 🙂

I love the scarf – it is a new acquisition – actually the scarf is more than 100 years old, but is new in my wardrobe and it cost me a small fortune, but look at those beautiful colours 🙂


Skirt: Stradivarius / Jacket: Fishbone / Boots: Benanza / Scarf: IE Vie

Long live the green!