Hello, everybody,

The first post of the year is here and I tried to rock it a bit 🙂

I was cold as hell 🙂 but who cares? one must take pics or else… 🙂

I have one more week of holidays and that is all that matters right now. I am gonna visit a bit the country again – this time I hope to find some nice, snowy places to take the best landscapes. If you are bored with my face and my outfits, go check the lovely landscapes I am taking here. All pics there are taken by yours truly on her Iphone, not by my husband – very important to know that 🙂 .

As of today’s outfit – it is like going back to school, only you are not, you are just going to work from your living room in your jammies again. Maybe I should switch to inside outfits as well 🙂

Happy new year and enjoy!

Skirt: Reserved / Boots: Benaza.ro / Sweater: Purple chic boutique / Jacket: Fishbone / Backpack: Santoro London

Long live the green!