Hello, everybody,

As a person who has never been to a festival in her life, I’ve always wondered if I liked it. I am not sure, but if I ever go to one, there is one I really like 🙂 . But of course it is far far away and most probably I will never attend it 😀 – Burning Man in Nevada desert 🙂 . Who says I am picky and pretentious? 😛

Until this festival attending will happen, there is one place in Romania that has a similar appearance with the desert from Burning Man – Vulcanii Noroiosi. There is no festival here, because it is a protected area, but you can visit and take some lovely pics.

Since the wind was acting out, I am holding my hair in the pics, so I don’t look crazier than I am 😀

Let’s get back to the outfit – I have this dress for more than 4 years and I have never worn it. I found it in the back of my closet with the tag still attached. Well, It is just perfect for my bumpy belly 🙂 , although it is not a maternity dress. It goes just perfectly with a leather jacket and boots and the background fits like a glove.

As for the swing in the last pics – well, that was a random finding on the road and we had to stop for pics.

Pics are taken at the beginning of week 27. Next week I will be presenting the 7th month bump in a blooming post 🙂

Until then, I leave you with a cool beat from Burning Man 🙂 – check it out here.


Dress: Reserved / Boots: Salamander / Jacket: New Yorker / Bag: DKNY

Long live the green!