Hello, everybody,
Well, I guess this is gonna be the last outfit of the year, so I tried
to create a NYE party oufit, although I will not be attending any party 🙂
I don’t remember the last time I went to a NYE party – I find them
way too complicated and I always choose to stay home in my jammies and get a good night sleep.
But anyhow, for the sake of it, if I were to go to a party, this could be a good
option for an outfit.
You got some rock vibes blended nicely with some glam and show of skin :))
All in all, you got everything you need to shake your booty on the dance floor 🙂
And with this I wish you all a Happy New Year, with many
wise and colourful outfit choices!


Skirt: Reserved / Jacket: Fishbone / Top: Sinsay / Boots: Zara

Long live the green!