Hello, everybody!

I have a premiere today on my blog 😀 – a rock outfit.
For the first time in my life (not kidding) I had to try this look.
For the office Christmas party of course, because this was the theme of the party.
Please don’t mind the decor – I had to take the pics inside, because
it was dark and raining outside.
I tried to create the outfit with what I had in my closet, so not everything is rock related.
The bag has got nothing to do with rock stuff, but it was the only one I had.
As for the JD t-shirt and the mini coke bottle – I think I had a pretty good idea,
since they go so well together 😀
And I had to buy the jacket, but I kinda like it 🙂


And the alternative with pants and worker boots.
I went with the skirt version, but this one is not bad either, am I right? 😀

Skirt, brown boots, pants, bag: H&M / Jacket: New Yorker / Worker boots: romanian producer
T-shirt: H&M and then the JD was custom made

Long live the green!