Hello, everybody,

Here I am with the with the third outfit with the nude skirt 🙂 – so, it went from classy to sporty and then to preppy 🙂

The pictures were taken like a week ago – hence the sunny background and not the gloomy one we have these days.

As for the third look – this time I combined it with some greens, as you can see and I added the plum jacket – it looks kinda christmassy if you think 🙂

Anyhow, one thing is for sure – the skirt is lovely and extremely versatile. Ladies, you need a nude skirt in your life 🙂

I will continue the series of one outfit, 3 ways, cause it is fun. I have in mind a green jacket I have – let’s see what will happen.

Stay tuned! 🙂

Skirt, sweater: Koton / Boots: Diane Marie / Bag: FEZ


Long live the green!