Hello, everybody,

No, it is not autumn, but it sure feels like it, if you look out the window.
No, the photos were not taken recently, because I am in
solitary confinement at home, like everybody else 🙂
I am not going mad, but I am sure going fat :))
Anyhow, back to the outfit – it just goes very well with the weather and the lovely
jacket I am wearing was a thrifted bargain.
I used to thrift shop a lot, but lately not so much.
When I saw this piece in the window of the thrift shop,
I simply went it and got it – way too catchy for my eyes :))

Enjoy and stay home! 🙂

Pants: Reserved / Sweater: Camaieu / Jacket: thrifted / Sneakers: Mercari.ro

Long live the green!