Hello, everybody,

First of all for all my Romanian fellows – please go vote! :). Winter is coming and we need heat and hot water for survival 🙂

And now ler’s move on after the political statement 🙂 – Yeah, yeah, I know that autumn is here – rain everywhere and stuff like that, but I still have summer on my mind and many outfits to share from the sunny days.

Pink doesn’t go well with autumn, or does it? 🙂 well, we will see at a certain point.

Beside the outfit in these photos, what is more interesting is that a lot of beautiful places were visited in that day, namely: Cheile Bicazului, Zetea Lake in Harghita county, beautiful Saschiz and Barajul Bicaz.

I highly recommend visitng all these places when you have the time.

As for the outfit: pink skirt, white t-shirt, jeanks jacket. Chic and simple, right?

The bow on my head looks like a propeller, but there is nothing wrong with that, correct? 😀