Hello, everybody!

Long live thrift shopping, because I am the queen of it 😀
I managed to find the perfect coat and the price was a bargain as always (~5 Euros)
If I continue on this path, very soon I’ll need an entire room in the house just for my clothes 😀
My husband is already going berserk 😀
I absolutely love this coat and I am sorry I didn’t find it sooner.
Because in a couple of weeks it will be too cold for it.
Until then, I’ll wear it as much as I can.
Today I decided to combine it with mustard and burgundy and
it’s just a joy to watch these colours come together, don’t you think?


Coat: thrifted / Shoes: Poema / Bag: gift / Pants: H&M / Sweater: Koton

Long live the green!