Hello, everybody,

So, this is gonna be my last post this year and the 3rd actually from this entire year 🙂 – I cannot believe it myself.

Well, it was an exhausting year :), but also maybe the most beautiful so far. Since I am a very pragmatic gal, I am gonna tell you again that being a mum is fucking hard, but also very rewarding at the same time. There are moments so tough when you feel that you want to die literally and yet you can do it a bit more. I cannot explain this and you cannot understand the feeling until you are living it on your own.

Time for myself is the one thing I miss the most, but I am hopeful that one day this time will get back to me somehow.

This last post is a bit nostalgic because I would have liked to have more posts this year, but it was impossible to take pics. Even these pics are taken inside the house as you can see.

As for the outfit – I chose a party outfit, although nobody invites me to parties anymore 😀 – this is another sad truth about being a mum – you are forgotten somehow and I realized that maybe I did the same in the past to other new mums in my circle without realizing it. Yes, everybody thinks that you are busy and you really are, but it does not mean that you don’t want to be part of society and being invited to social gatherings could help.

But let’s get back to the outfit – we have a slip on satin dress, which seems to be the rage these days, a leather jacket and a pair of rock boots. Of course the dress is very versatile and can be combined with many things, but I like this combo the best. I also love the colour of the dress – for sure you will stand out in a crowd.

And since there should be some party mood in the background of the outfit, I chose to light up my bedroom curtains 🙂 – yuhuuu party people 🙂

Fun fact – the kid was running around me like crazy, so taking pics now has reached a whole new level 🙂

I will finish this long post by wishing you happy holidays, a new wonderful year to come and please never forget the mums around you 🙂

Dress: Answear.ro / Jacket: New Yorker / Boots: Gryxx