Hello, everybody,

Did you think that I was finished with pics from USA?
Well, you were wrong :))
I have at least 3 more posts to share – 2 from NY and one from San Francisco.
Then I am done, I promise 🙂
Let’s have a look today at Little Italy, China Town and Grand Central Station.
All locations are as crowded as you can imagine, but let me give you a tip.
If the photographer sneezes while trying to take your picture, space will be
created around the subject in the picture :)))
As for the outfit – not much to say – jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.
The t-shirt was bought a long time ago and it just happend to say
NEW YORK 🙂 – I was a regular tourist, wearing the name of the city on my person :))


Jeans: Mohito / T-shirt: Miniprix / Sneakers: New Balance

Long live the green!