Hello, everybody,

And the last post from the last week of the 7th month is here.

And since the weather has been unusually hot, I have decided on a summer outfit from head to toe, with some navy vibes.

The skirt is one of my many pleated skirts and it has no zipper, which makes it fit over my baby belly just fine 🙂 . I also have a few similar pleated skirts with zippers and those are impossible to zip up at this stage 😀 .

The top is a recent purchase, cause I liked the heart on it very much, although I am not one to wear hearts, I think the hormones are changing me 😀 .

The flats and jacket are old items from my closet and they all fit just right in the outfit itself. As I am writing this, I am already in my 8th month and I am preparing to take some pics this weekend with the next outfit, so stay put 🙂 .


Skirt: New Yorker / Jacket: Random store / T-shirt: Happy Friday / Flats: Depurtat.ro / Bag: H&M

Long live the green!