Hello, everybody!

Like every year, today is very special, because it’s my birthday 🙂
This is me at 29 visiting lovely Brasov and then Rasnov 🙂
And I have a new motto – My heart will be forever green and I’ll always be 17 🙂
17 – what a beautiful age and so long ago…
And now enjoy my 29 / 17 hipster look 🙂
Don’t forget: Keep calm and wish me Happy Birthday! 😀

Taking pics for Instagram 🙂 I have Instagram now finally 🙂

Drive by doggy in Brasov 🙂
Real proof that I am the cat whisperer :))


Beautiful Rasnov
Don’t forget to

Pants: Zara / T-shirt: Terranova / Sneakers: H&M / Bag: Tonka Jeans / Sweater: C&A

Long live the green!