Hello, everybody,

Are you ready for Easter?
I know I am, cause I am busy doing nothing :))
At least I can walk in circles around my building and now I know
how dogs must feel  – if I had a tail, I’d probably be wagging it :))
Well, I had this pretty pleated skirt and I decided to wear it for my walk around
the building. It is very appropriate for the lovely weather that we have.
Not to mention it has a delicious colour and it goes perfectly with the dots.
If you can still fit in them :), wear your pretty clothes
and go make some circles outside (don’t complain, cause NASCAR does the same :))
Anyhow, the only wish I have for you now is happy confinement 🙂

Stay home! Stay safe! Watch Netflix, eat popcorn and drink occasionally 🙂

Long live the green!