Hello, everybody,

If you think you have seen this dress before, you are right, but the setup was different last time I wore it – first time was in Tuscany in 2018 🙂

This time the surroundings are local and they were a perfect match to the print of the dress, because of all the poppies.
Although you cannot see them very well, because I really tried to hide them, I am actually wearing beach slippers 🙂 – well, I was on the fucking beach 🙂

I think I mentioned before that the sea is not my first option for a vacation, but I must admit this weekend spent in lovely Vama Veche was actually quite nice – nice company, good food, laughing and dancing. And the poppies were perfect for pictures.

And then I came home to the rainy Bucharest 🙁 and tomorrow I have go to work, but that is another story 🙂