Hello, everybody,

So, it seems that I had the time and energy for one more outfit before the big day. Pics are taken at the beginning of week 38.

As I am writing this, I am trying to get my mind off the fact that tomorrow I will lose the bump and I will see the unicorn face to face for the first time 😀 – OMG OMG

I am kinda nervous since I have never been to a hospital before, except as a visitor. I hope it will not be as scary as it is in my head right now, but I will not lie that I cannot wait to get out of there.

As for the big meeting with the unicorn, I am excited and also scared, but I hope we will get along 🙂

And now let’s say a few words about the outfit below. The skirt is an old one from my closet and, as always, it is made out of stretchy material and it has no zip – easy to put it on and take off. I just added a black t-shirt and my all time favourite jeans shirt.

Conclusion for all the outfits from this pregnancy: go for stretchy clothes, not large clothes. You will feel and look better than dressed in extremely large clothes, which only add extra kilos to your already growing body and you do not want that, trust me 😀 . Plus, you will be able to wear many of these stretchy clothes afterwards and you do not waste your money on specifically designed maternity items, which by the way are kinda ugly.

Next outfit: well, who knows? :))) it all depends on the unicorn now 😀