Hello, everybody,

Well, Happy Holidays! – KISS 🙂

What else? well, the outfit below. I have another series in progress with one item in the center of attention.

This time the item in question is the minty puffed jacket, which is kinda nice and eye catchy. Check the first look with it here

For today’s look I opted to pair it with soft pink jeans and a very warm turtleneck. It works out, as long as there is no blizzard outside 🙂 – then I recommend something else.

The 3rd outfit with the minty jacket will include a skirt, cause it works with skirts as well.

Tip for you – go to the mountains the weekend before the holidays and start early in the morning – no people do that 🙂 – you will be all alone in the pictures, as you can see.


Jaket: Cropp / Sweater: House / Jeans: Mohito / Boots: Benaza.ro / Bag: Marc Jacobs