Hello, everybody,

Ever since I started this blog, which was like 7 years ago, I’ve always
wanted to have some pics taken near magnolias.
Well, that never happened until this year 🙂
I finally got my so wanted pictures.
For the special occasion I had to dress accordingly.
I chose a very springish look of course: white skirt, jeans jacket and
of course a pair of mismatched shoes 🙂
Don’t worry, I got two normal pairs, but I decided to combine them,
just because why not 🙂
And I also hope that this year I will manage to take some pics
in a field of sunflowers, you know like the ones you see all over the internet.
Maybe it’s cliche, but I will find a perfect outfit to make it a little
bit less cliche (I hope 🙂
So, keep close until august!


Skirt: random boutique / Shoes: Pantofi Trendy.ro / Jacket, top: H&M / Bag: MK

Long live the green!