Hello, everybody,

I don’t know about you, but for a moment there I thought fall has come very abruptly and I was a bit disappointed to see such a huge drop in temperature. But it didn’t last long and now the temperature is perfect and we are having a mild fall, just like I was hoping. And here and there some days feel just like summer has never left.

As such, I still have my summer clothes out, but I am always prepared for a classic chilly autumn day.

I am not sure though if I will be wearing summer dresses for long and this might be the last of the season, before taking out my fall dresses 🙂

This particular dress was a birthday gift I made for myself 😛 . Because it was on sale of course and because it has all the navy vibes you can ask for.

T-shirt like dresses are so comfortable, that I could have an entire wardrobe based on this clothing item only.  You just pull them over your head and out you go.

PS: there are pics with the stroller of course 😀


Dress: Polo Ralph Lauren / Bag: CCC / Shoes: Vagabond shoes

Long live the green!