Hello, everybody,

And Happy Easter to all of you celebrating this weekend!
Finally the sun is really up and shining and I hope it will be for good this time.
As you can see, I am already wearing flats and there is no need for stockings anymore.
As for the rest of the outfit: a jeans shirt that I wanted for so long and a white
midi skirt. I think these 2 items were made for each other: closet soulmates 🙂
Of course, whenever I have the chance, I always opt for my cherries as the
one perfect accessory for each outfit 🙂
The shirt is very versatile and I already have like 5 other outfits in my head, which
include this shirt. Definitely you must buy one, if you don’t have one in your closet.


Skirt: Mohito / Shirt: random boutique /  Flats: Depurtat.ro / Bag: MK

Long live the green!