Hello, everybody,

I do love a mild fall weather, but the cold in the morning or the fog
is not something I am looking forward when I wake up.
You need to dress accordingly, so that you don’t feel the chilly air of
the morning, but in the afternoon you are going to feel like
you went crazy with the warm clothes.
The particular outfit I am wearing today for exemple is not good
for the morning air 🙂 – you don’t see it in the pictures, but
I was freezing my ass off here :))
Wearing just socks with a skirt was chic, but damn it was chilly.
Anyhow, enjoy the mild fall and don’t let the morning air scare you! 😀


Skirt: Reserved / Blazer: S. Oliver / Shirt: H&M / Shoes: Modlet.ro

Long live the green!