Hello, everybody,

I think this year’s obsession is called jeans: classic jeans, jeans skirts, shirts, jackets,
you name it jeans stuff, etc.
Today I decided to combine jeans with jeans 🙂 and I think is doable,
as long as the jeans items you are looking to combine
are not exactly the same in colour and texture.
Actually, if you want, you can do that as well,
but let’s not bring the 80-90s back so literally 🙂
As for today: I have a maxi jeans skirt, a jeans jacket and a lovely t-shirt.
You just cannot go wrong bringing all these items together, because
all of them are classics.


Skirt: Paga shop / T-shirt: handmade fair / Jacket: House / Sneakers: H&M / Bag: CCC

Long live the green!