Hello, everybody!

Meet Miss Blue 🙂
As you can see I love this black jacket – I’ve used it for 3 outfits
so far, cause it is very versatile.
I bought it from Primark in my short visit to London last year.
And it was quite  a bargain – 10 GBP. Considering that London is
one of the most expensive cities, the jacket was cheaper than a meal 🙂
Maybe someday Primark will decide to open a store in Romania as well.
Till then, I’ll settle for what I can get during trips abroad.
These pics were taken on the only street in stairs from Bucharest.
Visit it if you have the chance. It is quite lovely and unique.


Skirt, sweater: random, Shoes: Miniprix / Bag: Koton / Jacket: Primark

Long live the green!