Hello, everybody,

I got on older post today – well, not that old 🙂 but from december 2020 – so last year 🙂

Anyway, although it might seem I am not cold and there is no snow, trust me it was chilly.

But, as always, pics must be taken 🙂

This lovely bridge is a favourite spot of mine – it is on my way to my grandma’s house, so away from Bucharest – very quiet and peaceful.

As for the outfit – some classics: jeans skirt, leather jacket, boots and a pop of hot pink.

And with this outfit, once again I am completing a series of 3 outfits with the same items (in this case leather jacket and boots).

Check the first one here and the second one here.

The next post will have a bit of snow, I promise 🙂


Long live the green!