Hello, everybody,

So, this mid-week I am officially ending the six weeks after-birth period. There is a special term in Romanian for this, but I did not find the exact correspondent in English.

Although I am feeling ok, life with a newborn is very hard. I heard this from others, but until you experience it on your own, you cannot fully understand it. Besides the not sleeping part and the fussiness of the baby, I think my hypochondria is at its peak point. I think I said it before, but hypochondriac women who want to become mothers should marry doctors just in case 😀

Anyhow, for today’s outfit I chose to wear a dress in a very bright colour and I have the exact same dress in cobalt blue as well. You have seen that dress already here, but back then I wore it with my baby bump.

The good thing about the cobalt blue one is that I can wear it now also without the bump.

I know I promised no pics with the stroller, but I still have a few at the end of the post 🙂 . I guess I cannot help it 😛


Dress: COS / Bag: CCC / Espadrilles: random store

Long live the green!