Hello, everybody,

I have decided to shake up things a bit and, instead of the classic fall colours, I have a crazy colour for today.

I found this jacket while looking for nothing to buy 🙂 – it was there and I said to myself: now that is a jacket that can be spotted from the moon, so I need that jacket 🙂

I don’t think the camera can quite grasp the intensity of the pink, but trust me, it is visible 🙂

Anyhow, besides the jacket, something else is new – the boots. They are just what I was looking for – great colour, leather made and lovely shape.

The skirt you may have seen many times before, cause it is my favourite jeans skirt. When in doubt, I wear this skirt.


Skirt: H&M / Jacket: Miniprix / Boots: Dasha.ro / Sport top: Nike