Hello, everybody,

Today I am happy to present the first outfit of the 8th month. I decided to go with green again, cause I have found yet another green stretchy dress, which was on sale 😀

The dress itself does not have all the accessories you see, but you know me – I had to improvise, to make it look more chic 😛 .

So, the white collar is just added on top, along with the black ribbon. I can use both of these items for any other dress in my closet, if I want to give it a little bit of personality. My husband says I look like a jester with this collar, but what does he know about fashion 😀

Anyhow, the dress is very comfy, because of its material, despite being a bodycon dress ( and I bought one size higher of course).

And as always, who can say no to polka dots – they are present both on my feet and on my bag and they complete the whole look.


Dress, Bag: Reserved / Cardigan, espadrilles: random store / Collar: H&M

Long live the green!