Hello, everybody,

To answer the question from the title – yes, I got all the dots in the world 🙂

So, for today I have another summer dress to parade around. This one was a happy finding, because I did not look for it.

It was the last item of its kind, thrown in a pile of clothes and I just happened to be there to grab it 🙂

You can wear it without the t-shirt, but I just don’t like sleeveless items. As such, this t-shirt is mandatory for me. It goes very well with a black t-shirt as well, but the white one adds a bit more contrast.

It also had its own belt, made from the same green material, but you know me – I like to improvise. This black string highlights better the waist and also adds contrast.

Fedora was a must, because of the sun and because it is chic 🙂


Dress: Reserved / T-shirt: H&M / Sneakers: random / Backpack: Santoro London

Long live the green!