Hello, everybody!

Last week I went on a short trip to London and I stayed there for 3 days.
It was my second time there, but I wasn’t as lucky as last time.
This time around it was all gloomy and cold – it rained, it snowed actually for a little while,
not to mention the wind that totally ruined my taking pictures time.
So, instead of 3 outfits I had prepared, I only managed to take these sorry pics 🙂
Well, better luck next time.
Once again I have to say London is the most expensive city I have ever visited.
So, be prepared to pay an absurd amount on the transportation only.
All in all, it was a nice get away, despite the dreadful weather.
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And some pics taken with the phone in Hyde park where I made some friends 🙂
Watch the little bugger climb on my husband leg 🙂

And here is London all prepared for Christmas (phone taken)

Long live the green!