Hello, everybody,

Before presenting the pics from week 30, I have another post from week 29.

I decided to take the good old dotted skirt that you have seen twice so far 🙂 . This was a damn good skirt, considering it is a regular skirt only 🙂

I only added an old t-shirt and a long cardigan, cause it was not as warm as I was expected. At a certain point I decided to take the cardigan off for a few pics and, besides feeling chilly, I also noticed that I am whiter than cheese 😀 (at least my arms are). Well, who cares? 😛

As we speak I am in week 30 and I am preparing for some new pics, that you will see next week.

Until then, enjoy these ones!

Skirt: Reserved / T-shirt: Koton / Cardigan: random store / Sneakers: Sportissimo


Long live the green!