Hello, everybody,

Long time, no see 🙂
But now I am back with a lovely fall look.
What you need: a breathtaking fall scenery and some earthly colours clothes.
For this fall look I had to wait a while.
I bought this amazing coat when I was in Florence this year.
I have dreamt about owning such an amazing coat for some time,
but I have never imagined I would find one.
It has everything I could love in a coat: the colour first of all :), then the material,
the length and the cut itself. It is just perfection.
If you are in Florence, you have to check out the boutique: Midinette.
It has very chic clothes, quite unique comparing to what you see on the streets.
As for the lovely scenery, you have to check Brasov area, specifically Holbav.
At a certain point the road disappears from the map and you find yourself
in the woods and it is just perfect.
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Long live the green!