Hello, everybody,

Yeah, yeah, fall is here for some time – I think winter is also here, cause it was damn cold today, but nothing can stop me from taking a few pics with the last remaining fallen leaves.

And for the next 3 posts you will see this amazing nude skirt as the main subject, but worn in 3 different ways.

For today I went very lady like – a blue turtleneck, a fancy blazer, fancy boots and the one and only MK bag (bought on sale from USA 🙂 )

This look definitely works for a perfect fall outfit and no other accessories are needed – the blue from the top stands out for sure.

The skirt is very versatile and the next look with it will be a sporty one, because why not – it works 🙂 . Just wait for it.

Until then, enjoy this one!


Skirt: Koton / Boots: Marks & Spencer / Bag: MK / Turtleneck: random boutique

Long live the green!