Hello, everybody,

Today’s post is a double post, cause I have 2 outfits in one. Why? because I tried a little experiment on my person πŸ˜€

Before the baby bump, I’ve always believed that you need large clothes during pregnancy. As you know, I’ve never worn large clothes and I’ve always opted for stretchy regular clothes. It might seem difficult to find them, but it’s not that complicated after all.

Anyhow, for today’s little experiment I have 2 outfits because I want to show the difference the clothes can make in how you look with a baby bump.

Outfit no 1 – a regular stretchy dress, bought in size M, combined with a linen shirt, bought last year, size S. The dress is fitted on the body and the shirt is a regular one.

Outfit no 2 – an oversized t-shirt dress, bought in size S, combined with the same linen shirt.

None of the dresses are designed for maternity – they are just regular dresses with different designs – fitted vs oversized.

I don’t know about you and your perception on them, but looking at me inΒ  both outfits, I can clearly see a difference in how I appear and I will always opt for outfit no 1. Both dresses have the same level of comfort, but the 2nd one ads a few extra kilograms, which are not there. It is just optics and the oversized dress makes me seem larger than I actually am.

As you know, for a pregnant woman, who is also hormonal, it is important to feel a certain way πŸ˜€ – for me, all the stretchy clothes made a difference in how I felt during this pregnancy.

Both outfit pics are taken in the same day, in week 35. Next week it’s the official start of the 9th month πŸ˜€

So, my personal conclusion is that size does matter and sometimes the smaller the better πŸ˜€ (at least when it comes to maternity clothes).


Striped dress, oversized dress: Reserved / Linen shirt: Zara / Sneakers: Nike / Pink bag: Marc Jacobs / Minty bag: CCC

Long live the green!