Hello, everybody,

Yes, last weekend I went mainstream and I took pictures near magnolias 🙂 – I felt I had to, since they were everywhere.

I wore dots for the special ocassion 🙂 – actually I bought this skirt last year and this is the first time I am wearing it. It is not bad and it goes very well with sneakers and a jeans jacket, although when you first look at it is not that sporty.

I guess you can turn everything into a sporty ensemble if you try hard enough 🙂

This skirt definitely has potential for more combos and the magnolias are still here. Unfortunately so is the damn rain again 🙁

Maybe, just maybe next weekend will be sunny again.


Skirt: Mango / Shirt: H&M / Jacket: House / Sneakers: New Balance / Bag: Marc Jacobs

Long live the green!