Hello, everybody,

Did I tell you that I had a car packed with clothes for my trip in the country? well, I did 🙂

I tried to have at least 2 items that were more linked to the romanian traditions – the first one was the romanian traditional blouse, which you can check here, in case you missed my previous post.

The second item was this lovely reinvented traditional jacket, by romanian designer Lana Dumitru. Whenever I have the chance to wear this jacket, I do it, because it is simply lovely. The patterns and colours are just fabulous. And it goes perfectly with my Air force ones 🙂 – quite a clash of old vs new.

And the landscapes behind me are to die for 🙂 – I just had to stay in the middle of the road to take the pics, because it was perfect.

I would go back there once a month at least. Too bad it is so far away.


Long live the green!