Hello, everybody!

Long time, no see 🙂
Well, I just wanted a short break, but it’s kinda over 🙂
I don’t have an official outfit post just yet, but that will come pretty soon.
Till then I want to share with you some beautiful pics from a short trip
we had in Danube Delta.
There are some amazing sceneries there – definitely worth going at least once in a lifetime.


Talk about camouflage 🙂


Mama swan and her babies 🙂
Mama & papa swan and their babies 🙂


Traditional fishermen shelter
Traditional lipovan house
Letea Forest and its wild horses

Restless Danube

View from Sulina Lighthouse


And that’s the border with Ukraine (view from Chilia)


And there are the sunsets – boy oh boy they are spectacular 🙂
No filters are used in the photos – those are the colours and shades as they appear on the sky.
Simply amazing 🙂

And there are the sunrises – just as spectacular as the sunsets
And then there is me 🙂 – tired and sweaty 🙂
But this post is not about me 🙂 – next ones will be  🙂


Anyway as you can see Bear Grylls has nothing on me 🙂
Especially when it comes to style in the wild 😀

Long live the green!