Did someone say colour blocking? 🙂 Cause I got plenty.
This was actually my spicy outfit for the weekend – you’ll see why I call it spicy.
This WE I went on a road trip to visit an old, beautiful castle and 
the weather was perfect, not to mention the scenery and the castle itself which were to die for.
And, as I recently managed to buy / find a pair of green boots, 
I really wanted to try them on and from there all hell broke loose (in matter of colours of course)
So, this wonderful colour blocking outfit came to life.
I cannot help it, I love playing with colours – they just make me smile.

Enjoy the photos:

I’m wearing:
Coat: Miniprix
Pants: Zara
Bag: Tonka Jeans
Boots: random
Scarf: random
Long live the green!