Hello, everybody,

So, I kicked off my 6th month baby bump with a very blue outfit, as you will see.

I was lucky to find this skirt on sale and it was the last one in the store. Just like before, it is not a maternity skirt, but the material is stretchy, which is very helpful and I bought one size bigger 🙂 – usually I am a 36 and this skirt is 38. I think I’ll survive one size bigger for now 🙂

I only hope I will not go 4 sizes up :))) – but there are curtains everywhere, so I will not go naked for sure 😛

The pics below were taken in week 22, when it was kinda cold, but I am happy to see some beautiful weather these days. As we speak, I am at the end of week 23 and next week I will post some pics taken in week 23 as well.

For now it seems funny that people don’t know what to do when they see me – to congratulate me or to shut up, because maybe I ate too much and I am bloated 😀 and they cannot make the difference :))) – I know the feeling, cause I have been there. Once I gave up my spot on the bus to a lady and she looked so surprised – I was so ashamed, that I got off the bus on the next stop :)))

But if you see me on the bus, I wouldn’t mind to sit down, just FYI 😛


Skirt: Reserved / Top / Koton / Jacket: New Yorker / Boots: CCC

Long live the green!