Hello, everybody,

This is a traditional birthday post I am writing today, as I am turning fucking 37 😀 .

Where and when did time pass by? I was 36 the other day and I was pregnant and now the kid is already 2 months old and I am older again 😀 .

Well, life goes by in a blink of an eye and tomorrow the kid will go to school, but most importantly she will sleep at night hopefully 😛 . I guess this is what I want for this birthday – my kid to sleep, so I can sleep also 😛 .

Since it is my birthday, there must be some green involved in the outfit. Today’s green is more minty with some pops of hot pink. As you can see, I switched to sweaters already, because the temperature has gone down drastically. I still hope for a mild fall though.

I will not say much about the skirt, because it is my dear old friend – the jeans skirt (one of them, cause i have plenty of course 😀 )

So, happy birthday to me and an all night sleep for the kiddo 🙂 , so mamma can sleep also (at least on her birthday 😀 ).


Skirt: H&M / Sweater: Zara / Bag: Marc Jacobs / Sneakers: Nike

Long live the green!