My pleats are not exactly cappuccino, but perhaps a shade close to it.
Anyway they are great 🙂 and I love them.
Not to mention that buying this skirt was quite a bargain 🙂
God, I’m lucky when it comes to buy clothes 🙂
I paid approx 5 Euros for it.
Another item I adore is the bag – I had my eyes on it even before it was on sale,
but it was kinda pricey so I just lingered at it through the window.
Imagine my surprise when I saw it on sale – and it was the last one half the price.
I couldn’t believe my eyes 🙂
Hope you like these items too 🙂
Enjoy the photos:

I’m wearing:
Skirt: Atmosphere
Blouse: Poema
Bag: Zara on sale 🙂
Shoes: random store
Long live the green!