Hello, everybody,


Long time, no see and in the meantime fall has taken over and the colours are mesmerizing.

As such, I have a lovely outfit to match these lovely shades.

The most important item of the outfit is the scarf of course, which is an old traditional one that was quite expensive, but it is worth the money, as you can see. Nothing to say about the skirt, since it is my classic jeans skirt. As for the jacket – a simple brown one, perfect for fall.

Autumn sun is the best as you can see from the light in the pics. Although I love spring and summer, nothing compares with autumn sun when it comes to that warm light.

If the rainy autumn days will not come, more pics with these colours are coming.


Skirt: H&M / Jacket: Purple chic boutique / Shoes: Converse /  Scarf: old traditional

Long live the green!